fredag 1 april 2016

Spring starry sky at Tänndalen

Me and my daughter Maja went out to check out the nightsky at Tänndalen Sweden. We noticed a light low in the north, faint Northern lights. And the Milkyway with Cygnus also low in the north, a beautiful sight. I tried a close up shot of North America nebula and the Butterfly nebula with my 85mm lens and modded 600D, they moved behind treetops like playing hide and seek with me, I did a single shot of 15s.

lördag 12 mars 2016

Photo assignment

Doing photo assignment for the swedish television, this is the second trip. This time I went to a favourite place in Lapland, Rensjön Kiruna, a sami village. This location is very good for Aurora of course but also for good weather. In doesn´t matter what the weather forecast shows because of the micro climate in the area. I also stopped by a good friend Ulf Jonsson in Luleå and did some shooting. The final work will be timelapses in a upcoming project. 270 GB of footage, hopefully some of it is good enough for broadcasting. Here are some footage around the area, not from any of the
There are so many things that must work to get good footage, of course clear skies, but all the equipment with cables and batteries, dew/frost, sharpness, and this time 2,3m of snow and -20 degree C! I needed to use the snowmobile tracks to get hard ground.

tisdag 1 mars 2016

Winter nightsky

Winter nightsky with the constellation of Orion above a river at Färnebofjärdens nationalpark, planet Jupiter to the left.