torsdag 17 juli 2014

Strong Noctilucent clouds

One of the strongest displays of Noctilucent clouds I´ve seen a couple of nights ago. It started around midnight and the show just went on to dawn. This photo is taken at the island of Gotland, using a Canon 6D and a 24mm lens.
When many people are sleeping some great shows are going on..nature can for sure bring some good ones.

tisdag 8 juli 2014

First really good NLC

First really good Noctilucent clouds display this season so far. It started really slow with just some bright parts low in the sky, later on after midnight it started to grow really fast and ended up with bright and beautiful formations. Photos taken with a Canon 6D, Canon 66D and different focallenghts. (And as usual Blogger edits the photos with sharpness, contrast and light - not good at all!)